About me

               Kirill Chelushkin        

1968      born in Moscow, Russia
1994      graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture, Moscow. Lives and works in Paris and Moscow.
2011      Director own publishing hous “Chelushkin Handcraft Books”



Selected personal exhibitions:

2016      “Forein Lands”  Rabouan Moussion. Paris,France. http://www.rabouanmoussion.com/kirill-chelushkin-foreign-lands/

2015       “Invision”  NK Gallery. Antwerpen. Belgium.

2014       “Fuckig shame” projeckt for Cosmoscow and Popoff/art gallery. Moscow

2013       “All that left in the ground” Pop/off/art Gallery.Moscow.

2013       ” Iron” Rabouan-Moussion Gallery  Paris. France
2012       ” One good thing” Marina Gisich Gallery. St.Peterburg Russia
2011         3th Art festival ” Untranslated”   “Armor-2” Moscow.Russia
2011         4 th Biennale Moscow. “Duble-movement” .Pop/off/art Gallery.
2011         ” Fooloshness” Rabouan-Moussion. Paris.France.
2010         ZURUCKE  Art&Space Galery. Munchen. Germany.
2010         “242”. Marina Gisich Gallery   St.Peterburg
2008          ADAPTATION. POP/OFF/ART Gallery. Russia.
2008          FLICKER.  Rabouan-Moussion.Paris. France.
2007         All That I Had Time to Find Out about Light and Shadow personal project  for  2th Moscow Biennale. Russia.
2006         “Phantom-limb pains” Krokin gallery. Moscow.
2006         “Last Monstres” Gallery Rabouan Moussion.France Paris.
2005         “Snow People” Galerie Rabouan Moussion France Paris/
2004          U!Porno. Sam Bruck Gallery, Moscow
2002          After Kant. VII international graphics biennale of Baltic Sea countries,    Kaliningrad, Russia. From Within. Novaya Kollektsia Gallery, Moscow
2001          “КБ” State muzeums Tver. Russia. Ivanovo.

2001         “КБ” State muzeums Ivanovo. Russia.
2000         Antimimesis. Novaya Kollektsia Gallery, Moscow
1999          Drawings. Novaya Kollektsia Gallery, Moscow
1998          “IN-OUT ” Novaya Collektsia  Moscow.
1995          Gifts. Exhibition hall in Belyaevo, Moscow

Selected group exhibitions:

2016       Russian Contemporary: Drawing. No Limits. London.

2016       ArtParis Rabouan Moussion
2016       Russian Contemporary: Drawing. No Limits. Berlin.

2015      ArtParis. Rabouan Moussion.

2014     CRYSTALLIZATIONS. CONTEMPORARY ART FROM ST. PETERSBURG.  Common project of Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art (Turku,      Finland)and Marina Gisich Gallery.
2014      Art Paris. RabouanMoussion Gallery. Paris. France.
2014     “Actual drawing”  The Russian Museum state. St Peterburg. Russia.
2014      Art Stambul.     Popoff art Gallery.
2013      UN AUTOMNE RUSSE. Espace Topographie de l’arte. Paris

2013       “Drowing now:” Paris France
2012       “UNLIMITED BODIES” (corps sans limite) Le palais d’Lena PARIS
2012       ArtParis Rabouan-Moussion  Paris. France
2012       Russian turbulence” Charles Riva Collection Brussels, Belgium

2012       ARCO   Marina Gisich Gagallery Madrid. Spain.
2012       ArtVien Austrian
2011       ArtMoscow. Marina Gisich Gagallery St.Peterburg.  ArtMoscou . Art&Design Gallery  Munchen. Germany.
2011       54th Venice Biennale ” Upside down Sity”  Venice Italia.
2011       Art Vienne   Marina Gisich Gallery, Vienne,  Austrian.
2010       ArtMoscow  Marina Gisich Gallery Moscow Russia
2010       90-th Krokin Gallery  Moscow  Russia
2010      “Memory Flame”   Museum of Krasnoyarsk.  Krasnoyarsk.Russia
2010       “No Translations”   Open exhibition stage.Moscow.Russia
2010       30 cloud’s friends.Fresck Part 1. Tverskaya 19.Moscow.Russia
2010       ART Paris  Rabouan-Moussion  Paris.France
2010       Artistes russes     Centre d”art contemporain Mevmac France
2009       Kandinsky price. Last Supper .Moscow
2009        3 Moscow Biennale. Second Dialog.Cerelelly museum.Moscow.
2009       Art Moscow  Pop/off/art  gallery. Moscow
2009       ART PARIS. RABOUAN-MOUSSION.Paris.France.
2008       ART PARIS Rabouan-Moussion special project. France. Paris
2008       ” Deconstruction”  RoyalMounsor hotel .paris France.
2007       ART MOSCOW POP/OFF/ART Gallery. Russia.
2007        Cornice POP OFF ART. Venice. Italy
2007       The Diary of an Artists    Marat Guelman project. 2Moscow Biennale.
2007       ART PARIS Gallery Rabouan Moussion . Paris.France.
2007       Triennale of conterporary sculptur in Felbach . Germany
2007       “DISTORSION” project for L´ESPACE LOUIS VUITTON. “Moscopolis” http://www.gettyimages.fr/detail/photo-d’actualit%C3%A9/oeuvre-de-kirill-chelushkin-exhibition-launch-photo-dactualit%C3%A9/171031029

2006      ARCO . Stella Art Gallery. Madrid . Spain.
Arte Lisboa-Feira de Arte Contemporanea. Stella Art Gallery. ArtMoskva . Pop/of/art gallery.
Sotheby´s New York USA
” Message” Gelios.Toyama.Japan
Porno grani .  POP/OffArt Gallery Moscow. Russia
Europefrieze. Cultural centre of Hungarian Republic. Moscow. “Gatekeepepers of New.” Knoll Gallery. Budapest.
“Lights contour” Museum of Revolution. Moscow. Russia.
2006       Bologna International Illustrations. Bologna.Ital.
PROARTE “Memory transformation ”   Sant Peterburg. Art Moscow. Artist for PleyBoy .
“VIctory” – project    Krokin Gallery. Moscow. New Russian art. Novosibirsk . Russia.
Art Moscow .Moscow mood . Stella Art Gallery .Russia.

B I B Bratislava International Biennale of the book. Bratislava. Slovakiya.Biennal International Exhibition of Books Illustrations. Bareirro.Portugel.
Moscow international forum of art initiatives 2005
” WE ” ” AZIAN PROGEKT ” .Moscow State Exhibitioh Hall
Novy Manege.” SNOW PEOPLE ” Galerie Rabouan Moussion.France. FIAC

2005.      Galerie Rabouan Moussion.France. ” PRESENTIMENT ” ProArte . St.Peterburg.   Russia .
2004       Art Chicago, Chicago, USA  Krokin Gallery
               ARTKliazma. II International festival of contemporary art on open air. Vacation center “Klyazminskoe Reservoir”, Moscow region
               My Kabakov. Stella Art Gallery, Moscow
              San Francisco International Art Exposition. San-Francisco, USA “Krokin gallery “
              Art Chicago. Chicago, USA ” Krokin Gallery “
              Lifshitzc for Beginners. Sam Bruck Gallery, MoscowEurografik Moscow

2004       European Culture Integration Brige. Art Moscow. VIII International Art Fair. Central House of Artist, Krokin Gallery .Sam Bruck.
2003      Art Miami. Miami, USA Krokin Gallery
              School. Krokin Gallery, Moscow
              Reaction. A3 Gallery, Moscow
              Constitution of Russian Federation in Drawings. SʼArt Gallery on
              Art Moscow
              Arch Moscow. IV International Architecture Exhibition. Central House of Artist, Moscow
              Art Moscow. VII International Art Fair. Central House of Artist, Moscow. Krokin Gallery.
              Andersen in book graphics. Russian State Humanitarian University, Moscow

2002     ARCO. Madrid, Spain Krokin Gallery
Art Chicago, Chicago, USA Krokin Gallery
Bologna International Illustrations .Bologna. Ital.
              Arch Moscow. II International Architecture Exhibition. Central House of Artist, Moscow
             Melioratsia. International festival of contemporary art on open air.
Vacation center “Klyazminskoe Reservoir”, Moscow region
2001     ARCO. Madrid, Spain ” Krokin Gallery “

             Best Book Graphics of Eastern Europe in 1980-2000. Venice, Italy
             Art Brussels. Brussels   Novaya Collektsia Gallery Art Chicago, Chicago, USA      Novaya Collektsia Gallery Bologna International Illustration . Bologna. Ital.
             Art Moscow. V International Art Fair. Central House of Artist, Moscow
             San Francisco International Art Exposition. San-Francisco. USA
2000     Art Paris. Paris Novaya Collektsia Gallery
             Art Brussels. Brussels
             San Francisco International Art Exposition. San-Francisco,USA
             Book Fair in Frankfurt. Frankfurt, Germany
1999     San Francisco International Art Exposition. San-Francisco. USA
             IV. Exhibition Hall in Peresvetov pereulok, MoscowMoscow International Book Fair. All-Russia Exhibition Centre, Moscow
             Best Book Graphics. Central House of Children’s Book, Moscow
1998     Bratislava World lllustration’98. Bratislava, Slovakia
             Moscow International Book Fair. All-Russia Exhibition Centre, Moscow Graphics Room Project. Novaya Kollektsia Gallery, Moscow
1997     BIB’97. Book Graphics Biennial. Bratislava, Slovakia
1993     House of Asteria. Central House of Artist, Moscow
             Modern Graphics of Moscow. Krakow, Warsaw, Poland
1992     Art-Myth. International Art Fair. Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
Moscow Blue Cat. Exhibition Halls of News Press Agency (APN),
1991     Square. Exhibition Hall on Malaya Gruzinskaya street, Moscow
1990     II International Youth Exhibition. Central House of Artist, Moscow
             Art Institutes of Moscow. Central House of Artist, Moscow
1989     Painting of Moscow. Cologne, Germany
             Modern Graphics. House of Architectors, Moscow

1988     To Play the Fool. Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Institute of Architecture, Moscow
1984      Slipping Away Moscow. Union of Architectors, Moscow
1983      Architecture Tomorrow. Tokio

state muzeum :

State Art Museum. Ivanovo.Russia State National Art Gallery. Tver. Russia State National Art Gallery. Kaliningrad. Russia State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow. Russia State”art4.ru”contemporary art museum. Russia State Museum of Architecture (MUAR) Moscow.Russia
Itabashi Art Muzeum.Tokio Japan. Bolzano Art Muzeum.  Bolzano.Italy Muzeum Ludvig.Keln. Germany

Simon de Pury  Swits

Bernard Arno collection France

Hero Hermes collection.  France
International Faundation of Russian and Easten European Art( INTART ) Collection. New York USA. Alexandre Gertsman Collection.

Viktor Bondarenko Collektion. Russia “Ekaterina” faudation Viktor Seminihin Collection. Russia Horvach Bela Collection  Hungary Jean&Danielle Grall Collection  Great Britain

published book projects ( illustrations) :

” JAPAN STORY ” 1994  “Znak”. “RUSSIAN HEROS ” 1996    ” Belyi gorod “. ” KING SOLOMON ” 2002  ” Grimm Press”. ” ANDERSEN ” 2003 ” Gremm Press”.
” JAPAN FAIRY TALE ” 2002  “Drofa”.
” SMITH OF WOOTTON MAJOR” 2002 ” Drofa “. ” FERMERGILS OF HEM ” 2002 ” Drofa”.
” ALI ” 2004 ” Montessori “. ” WEST SIDE HISTORY ” 2004   ” Grimm Press”
” GOLDEN FIHS ” 2003 ” Woongjin”.

” SNOW QUEEN “2005 “Woongjin “.
” ROBINZON KRUZO” 2005 ” Korea Child Academy “
” WILD SWANS ” 2005 “Korea Child Academy
” FENIKS ” 2005 ” Gilbut” “BETHOVEN” 2006 “Hemiguey” KOREA “THE ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKER” 2006  USA “SHERLOK HOLMS” 2006  “Fabri Editori”                 ITALIA “THE LAST ELV”  2006    USA “ALICE’S ADVANTURES IN WONDERLAND 2010





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